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17b to 25 February 2024

Saturday 17 February
10.00am — Intention: Margaret, Éamonn, Miko & Seán Casey. Poll na bPéist.
6.00pm — Intention: Nora Conneely (first anniversary) & Joe Conneely, Rosscahill.

Sunday 18 February (First Sunday of Lent)
11.00am — Intention: Tim Kennevey, Ross.

Monday 19 February
10.00am — Intentions of the people of the parish.

Tuesday 20 February
No 10.00am Mass.

Wednesday 21 February
No 10.00am Mass.

Thursday 22 February
10.00am — Intention: Conor McVeigh, Clesham, Buckinghamshire.

Friday 23 February
10.00am — Special Intention.

Saturday 24 February
10.00am — Intention: Francis & Kevin Butler, Boston & Ross.
6.00pm — Intention: Maureen, Patrick & Cecily Carter, Wormhole.

Sunday 25 February (Second Sunday of Lent)
11.00am — Intention: Joe Fahy, Killaguile.
First Holy Communion preparation.